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World's most expensive vehicles 2013

The era we are living in is an era of technology. People have accepted it as an important part of their lives. It is technology that is largely responsible for providing them with luxury and convenience. It is for this reason that people prefer technologically advanced vehicles that can provide them greatest amount of comfort but important thing to note here is that luxury usually has a large monetary cost. Most vehicles that have something unique about them are very expensive or in other words the company which is able to carry out differentiation strategy effectively can sell the vehicle at a large retail price. 

This post seems like a similar one to my other two posts, but this includes the most expensive vehicles from different classes/categories. 

1. Maybach Landaulet (Most Expensive Luxury Sedan)

Most Expensive Car Landaulet

Starting with the luxury sedan category, most expensive car in our list for that category is Maybach Landaulet. It has beautiful white interior. It also has an eye catching exterior with features such as raised hood, divided bumper and LED daytime running lights. The stitching of the car seats and designing is such so as to promote luxury along with safety. The seats as well as the seat belts can be electrically adjusted to suit the needs of the person. One can enjoy 9.5'' video monitors that can provide entertainment for hours. If you want to go one step further then cinema screen (19 inches) between the front and rear of the car is a good option. The electro-hydraulic of Maybach is another one of its impressive features. Chauffeur can easily open and close the roof. Although Landaulet is an all out luxury car but it is does not fall short on engine power. Its V12 engine can produce a horsepower of 620 hp. It is one of the most expensive luxury vehicles priced at $1,380,000.

2. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (Most Expensive Sports Car) 

Most Expensive Sports Car

Second on the list of most expensive vehicles is none other than Bugatti Veyron Super Sports. Veyron is the fastest car in the world that is capable of reaching a top speed of 429 Km/hr. The speed of the car is electronically controlled to prevent tire damage. It is undoubtedly an engineering master class. It has a huge 16 cylinder engine that can expend an unbelievable horsepower of 1200 hp. Super sports can provide a driving experience the like of which was considered impossible few years back. The speeds of 200 to 300 Km/hr means nothing to this beast. Above the speed of 300 its rear spoiler opens up and the centre of gravity is lowered just a little to provide stability to the car. The best that can be said about it is that it has pushed the boundaries of what can be considered physically possible. It is available at a price of $2,400,000.

3. EleMMent Palazzo (Most Expensive RV)

Most Expensive RV

The most expensive motor home is undoubtedly EleMMent Palazzo. This moving vehicle available at a base price of $3 million is extremely comfortable and to sit in it is like a dream come true. This motor home catering to the high end market is manufactured by the German company Marchi Mobile. It contains everything that a standard house should have including cozy sofas, beautiful bedrooms, nice bathrooms and also a roof deck. Palazzo does not look anything like a coach because it has been designed to make people feel at home as much as possible. The cockpit of this motor home consists of comfortable swivel leather chairs. During the night time fluorescent lights can be turned on to create a relaxing environment. All these features are worth the money one pays for this particular motor home.

4. Dodge Tomahawk V10 (Most Expensive Motorbike)

Most Expensive Motorbike 2013

Fourth among most expensive vehicles on our list is Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike. Only 10 models of this beautiful bike were produced which were sold at a price of $550,000 each. The only negative aspect of this superstar is that it is not street legal and that is for a reason. Tomahawk is capable of reaching a top speed of 675 KM/hr. This bike can go from 0 to 100 Km in 2.5 seconds and it has four wheels which provide it stability. Its body is made of aluminum and has an rpm of 6000.

5. Dartz Prombron Monaco(Most Expensive SUV)

Expensive Cars 2013

The most expensive SUV in the world is Dartz Prombron Monaco Red Diamond Edition priced at $1.5 million. It is one of the many cool vehicles manufactured by Dartz Company that is world famous for producing armored vehicles. This SUV has V8 engine capable of producing 450 hp horsepower. It contains all the essential road safety features and gold plated windows. The best part about Dartz Prombron is that it is bullet proof.

6. Midnight Rider (Most Expensive Limousine)

Expensive and Largest Limousine

While our subject is the most expensive vehicles, who can forget Limousine. The most expensive limousine in the world is Midnight Rider. This cool vehicle has a lounge, bathroom, bar and also a large television. This Limo has 22 low profile tires and engine can produce a horsepower of 435 hp. It is manufactured from materials such as aluminum and steel. Its exterior is just as beautiful as its interior. Night time parties can also take place inside the spacious Rider. The interior is decorated with beautiful fabric and polished brass to give it a sumptuous look.