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Most Unusual & Advanced Car/Vehicle Designs of the decade

All car and bike lovers find concept designs appealing. The thing with concept vehicles is that their futuristic designs are unique and eye catching. Almost all major manufacturers look to develop concept cars from time to time. A lot of thinking and use of sophisticated software goes into making concept designs and then turning them into prototypes. It is for this reason that we find the end result quite alluring. If you are into finding about best concept designs then you are at the right place. This article discusses the best concept vehicle designs of the past decade that were actually developed into prototypes. My main focus was to find out and compile a list of the unusual and advanced car design which were actually turned into prototypes.

5 Most Advanced Car Designs

C-1 Electric Motorcycle:

Top of the list is a beautiful, stylish and sleek bike C-1-Electric Motorcycle. Although it is a two wheel vehicle but it differs from a traditional bike in a sense that it is quite stable. It is also quite comfortable. The good thing is that C-1 despite being quite heavy in outlook is quite efficient and swift across the turf. With this motorcycle you do not have to worry about the stand/lever because two gyroscopes in the chassis help to keep the motorcycle upright even when it is not moving.

Unusual Car Design

The design of C-1 has been developed into prototype and various simulations have been performed to make sure that its design and other features will last the distance. Production of this motorcycle has not started. However, if news from the company is anything to go by then first few C-1 motorcycles will make it to the roads as early as year 2014. It is expected that initial C-1 vehicles will cost $24000.

Tron Lightcycle:

Next up is Tron Lightcycle from Parker Brothers. You can get a fair picture of what these Lightcycles look like by watching the movie Tron: Legacy. Tron Lightcycle is an energy efficient vehicle that runs on an electric motor. It is capable of going to a speed in excess of 100 mph; thanks to its 96 V motor and lithium ion batteries.

Futuristic Looking Tron light Cycle

Tron Lightcycle provides a spectacle for the onlookers especially during night time. This is because its whole body glows at night. Riding this vehicle is also as exciting as it can get for the rider. Charging the battery takes up to 35 minutes after which one can travel up to 100 miles without any hiccups. If predictions about the price of Tron are to be believed then it will cost round about $55000. 

Aerofex Hover Vehicle: 

Third on our list is an unusual car design of Aerofex hover vehicle. It is a futuristic car with characteristics of a plane. Its design makes it look like a hover bike depicted in Star Wars. This vehicle has two ducted rotors instead of tires. Initially when it was designed some decades back, engineers faced the stability problem of how to keep it aloft. Fortunately, science has now progressed enough for the design of this hover vehicle to be built into practicable prototype.

Hover Bike Advanced Car Design

The company plans on building the vehicle in such a way that allows a common man (without pilot training) to fly it without complications. They plan to make it possible through intuitive controls and not through incorporating it with artificial intelligence flying software. In the near future Aerofax plans to manufacture hover vehicles for military purpose that can be used for border patrolling. Physician may also be able to use it to reach patients in remote areas. Limited human flight testing carried out by the company has shown that it can fly about 15 feet off the ground and reach a speed of about 30 mph.

E-Volo Quad Copter:

One of the most advanced vehicle that one can dream about is quad copter from e-volo. Ever since the automotive Industry boom, people have been predicting that flying vehicles will replace cars, hence a most futuristic car that one can think of, should be able to fly.  The good thing about this is that an average person with limited or no knowledge of flying can control this vehicle and benefit from the pleasures of flying. If the words from the company quarters are to be believed then it will be available at an affordable price. The prototype of quad copter has been developed. However, through various simulation techniques, company is trying to improve the controls and software system of the vehicle. Safety is another thing which the Aerofax has taken care of to make sure that the person feels safe while flying several feet off the ground.

Unusual Car Design

Company is looking to integrate quad copter with electronic system. The charging of system will cost you around 6 Euros for a one hour flight. It also does not use huge number of parts, combined in complex order or setting. Instead quad copter is built from few technically advanced parts in order to increase their maintainability. When this prototype car enters the batch production phase you will perhaps get to see the unmanned version of the vehicle as well. 3 D maps installed in its software system will allow it to reach a predetermined location   without manual help. This limited dependence on flying skills of the person means that it can be used to perform high risk tasks similar to what drones do.

Nissan Pivo:

Speaking of designs one of the most advanced cars of the past decade is Nissan Pivo. What distinguishes Pivo from other cars is that it is environmental friendly. Nissan introduced two versions of Pivo. Both of them have one feature in common i.e. they are electric-battery operated cars. Pivo has a rotating cockpit. The biggest advantage of this feature is that it eliminates the dependence on three point turns because one does not need to shift into reverse. In addition Nissan engineers have reverted to wire controls instead of mechanical ones in order to reduce the weight of this concept car. Pivo 2 is technically more advanced than its predecessor with such advanced features of artificial intelligence incorporated into it. This acts as a robotic helper of the driver and aids him through all the ups and downs of navigation. Nissan Pivo is also incredibly smooth around U-turns.

Advanced Car Nissan Pivo

All of these concept cars were actually turned into prototypes and there is every possibility that they will enter the production phase and make it big. In the market there is always room for vehicles for energy efficient cars that have unique designs.